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I Started reading books !!!

Posted by vulkanische on March 20, 2009

I never thought that i would read so many books that too continuously, as until last month i have read only few books(to name them The alchemist, One night @ call centre, 3 mistakes of my life and Jonathan Livingston Seagul). The first book i read was Alchemist ( my cousin gifted me)  and i didn felt the same about reading books after finishing it. It was really inspiring and awesome story and i started knowing more facts regarding books. Days passed and in the last one month i have read Train to Pakistan, The white tiger, Count of Monte Cristo and  Treasure Island. Of these the last two are short novels but i feel happy as i have started reading books(that too with gr8 passion) which i was not quite used to it before as mentioned.


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Two short stories

Posted by vulkanische on March 20, 2009

Here are the two stories that i had mentioned about in previous post. The first one smartly tells how money has become important than love,care and relationships to mankind. The story goes as follows
Location: Temple
Cast: Priest,worshippers and God.
It was a festival day and so lots of people had come to the temple.
Each one was praying for his well being and common wish was becoming wealthier. All of a sudden God appeared, but the worshipper’s refused to accept Him as God. So God asked what must he do to prove he is God(see the situation!!!). The priest along with others asked him to do any extraordinary thing. God thought he would change a small stone into gold and this would make everyone to accept him as God. God did so but to his surprise no one fell down in his legs or prayed with happiness, instead all went out of the temple to their home. In few minutes people were coming with their belongings(guess why??), so that God would turn all those things into gold.( I never thought of this situation while i was hearing this story)
This story clearly portrays the mind of todays people.

The next story is a humour one. A person visited his friends home, the wife of the friend complained to him saying his friend(her husband) doesn’t praise her cooking even a single day. Both the friends went to park and one told the other what his wife said to him. The friend felt for that and promised that hereafter he would praise her cooking. So he went home thinking what would happen if he praises her suddenly and with lots of dreams he sat for dinner.
The wife served and he said today’s tiffen was really awesome. She was shocked and dropped the utensil she was carrying. The husband continued saying he would put gold bangle for the hand that cooked this food.
She tooked the dropped utensil and banged lightly on her husbands head :). The husband was wondering what wrong he had done, meantime wife said today she didn prepare the food, instead got it from neighbour as she was not feeling well.
These two stories though simple but made the crowd think about evil side of money and also laugh on hearing the second one. The speaker said humour is an important thing in our life and asked one to be happy and make others happy.

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unexpected but expected

Posted by vulkanische on February 26, 2009

Days were going by and for two weeks i hadn gone out with frenz sine they went to their hometown during weekend.Anyway this proved
to be good as it brought an interest in me to read books.It was to extent that i finished reading a book called Train to Pakistan by Khushwant Singh and now am in halfway through The White Tiger by Araind Adiga.Then i came aross  an invitation in my home which was from my native place saying that a function related to Sathya SaiBaba was going to be conducted for a week.My mother and my sister were praising a lot about that programme and about the person who conducts it(this had brought eagerness in me to attend this one) But i had no idea of attending it,as my mother planned to attend it and i had some other works at home here. Then the plan changed as doctor had asked my mom not to travel long distances.I then thought this was good opportunity for me to attend that function and said to my parents. I attended the function for two days and it was really nice and it was worth one for me and didnt disappoint me as i had travelled 200 km for that. Of many interesting things i encountered there i would like to tell two jokes which i would be saying later as am really tired using this virtual keyboard(some keys in my keyboard are not  working).Hopefully will be back with original keyboard sooner.

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NightGear and its . . .

Posted by vulkanische on February 10, 2009

The first day itself the mentors made us feel comfortable by sharing some useful things, cracking jokes and showed us one of the videos they made. Honestly speaking the speciality of this prog is mainly due to those who are conducting it- among them Suyash san and Yamini san are worth mentioning here, of course other mentors too were really good in helping us. Projects were assigned to each team and i was in flash team. Days went by and i was really getting used to this sudden change. Wil  reach home by 6.20 am(my home is barely 15 mins from tidel park), have boost and wil go to sleep. then by 9.30 mom wil wake up me, i wil get up with  frustration(along with little anger), wil bath and have breakfast. then after an hour wil go again to sleep. wil get up by 1.30 or so and hav lunch. The main thing is that though i would sleep nearly 6-7 hrs daily, it would not be continuous sleep( and i can assure that split-up sleeps don make you as comfortable as continuous ones) . The mentors would conduct games!!! for an hour, once in a week and we all enjoyed those days.  But the end days were little tough as we had to stay for some more time and even had to come to office on holidays for completing our work.  Really the programe thought us lots of things on how to adapt quickly to any kind of situation, benefits of working together, feeling of togetherness and i could  add the list on and on… I thank those who were behind this prog for giving me(and all the 57) such a wonderful once in a life-time opportunity..

Some of the facts that was really hard to imagine was

## Playing carom in office that too at 4 am..

## Me awake and working whole night..

## Eating Snoodles or Sandwhich at 1 or 2 am..

## Having nice time in office that too due to  seniors..

## Having pizza and coke inside palar(which was our meeting room during this prog)

## and at last the TERMINAL thing, the big surprise we had..

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back after. . .

Posted by vulkanische on February 10, 2009

Its been nearly 3 months since i blogged, and there are lots of new things  i experienced during this time. After my second phase of training i had been in bench for almost a month, many of my friends went to their hometown!! then came one unexpected twist in the tale on 16 th dec’08-We few guys got a mail saying we had to report at tidel park for a 1 month programme called NightGear on next day itself. One of my friend had went to his home in melur that morning only,pity he has to return that evening since the next day we have to attend that programme. Some of the details about it were collected from previous batch, most of them were shocking to hear initially !!!

No 1: The timing of the thing is from 9 pm to 6 am!!!(i had been rarely awake after 12 am)

No 2: Life style would change to sleeping during daytime and being awake for whole night.(was wild to imagine itself but adapted to it quickly)

No 3: A project kind of thing would be given and it has to be completed nearly in less than a months time (it could be of any background).

With all wild thoughts and with bit curiosity attended the programme(of course it was a gr8 one) and  next post contains the  experiences i had there..

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tRAIN(ing)… continued

Posted by vulkanische on November 18, 2008

We all pray for rain wen its not raining, and also worry wen it rains heavy(special character of human).. It rained heavily in midst of my second phase trainin. one day it made me to start late from my home, and wen i reached my place i was shocked to see streets filled with water(was like river) sad thing is i had to walk with shoes in those streets 😦 rain didn stop too)..this was first trouble i faced on that day due to rain, without knowin wat was waitin there in evenin..the whole day it rained and rained and there was power cut, so our trainin for that day was announced over..after waiting for nearly an hour started to home inspite of drizzling.on the way back in train could see one place (vacant plots)in which at one end few huts were there. the sad thing is that in the morning the path(the road between huts) was filled with water, but in evening almost half of those huts were submerged in rain water..felt bit guilty too on not able to do anythng for such people, and decided to do some charity kind of things atleast before the start of new year..

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Posted by vulkanische on November 18, 2008

Its been more than a month since i blogged. in this few days there were lots of  incidents made me to experience different things and also to feel about the poorer section of people. I had my second phase training at a center in kilpauk. Used to go there by train only.It was really a nice thing goin in train, as could get place to sit since the train starts from the place where i board and during return i board at second station so that time too would be able to sit. the morning fresh air while journeyin and the sound of train, beautiful view of various places,mainly(free from rush as in chennai buses) all took me to new world, since i havn travelled in local train so frequently before. but there lies some facts that made me to worry and wonder wen these kind of things wil change. almost throughout the way there are people living in huts, more worse is that drainage also passes besides them.felt really pity for them due to their living conditions.

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miss u

Posted by vulkanische on October 7, 2008

There are few sites like gmail, cricinfo,orkut,howstuffworks which i used to see when i am online..Today i was quite surprised on seein cricinfo, for there was the news of retirement of The God of offside. was bit shocked to see it, as i didn really expect this decision at this part of time. (inspite of all the talks about fab4’s retirement)..Dada, is one of the greatest batsmen/captain of India, but the dip in form few years back made people to forgot about his prime time glory(since his debut), innings along with little master in odi’s(opening partnership) were treat to watch.. still i could remember his innings of 183 against Sri lanka, the sixes he hit and all memorable ones.. most of them knew he was most succesful Indian test captain and fastest to reach 10000 runs in odi and so on, but some of the facts like he is the only player to win 4 consecutive man of the match awards in ODIs, first Indian to score an ODI century against Australia in Australia, third in the list of hitting maximum number of sixes in ODIs tells how great he is..But anyway i and Indian cricket will surely miss the class of The prince of Kolkata…Wil pray so that he has a good farewell series ,as he deserves such an exit.

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Posted by vulkanische on September 30, 2008

Of late one day cricket has seen lots of changes and as time progresses i think game cricket wil be changed entirely..  First the introduction of powerplays, super substitute, then free hits, and so on. Today they have said the batting team can decide the timing of one of the two powerplays(second or third pp). On seein from batsmen perspective all these decisions are lik eating fruit, but wat abt bowlers?? feel pity for them, anyway i hope in future decisions like batsmen deciding which bowler should bowl (instead of opposite team captain :)) will come to existence!!!! Like in cricket if there are changes in our examination like we could decide few questions and write answers for them na it wil be nice..wont it be ??? 😛

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Back to Chennai:)

Posted by vulkanische on September 29, 2008

One month of training at trivandrum has come to an end and i got posting in chennai itself. This was the thing that i was constantly worried about, as it would be totally different if been posted in some other places. Feeling very happy about the postings as most of my college friends too got in chennai itself. Going to join on 6th october at karapakkam which is about 15 kms away from my home. Seems the place of training wil be said on that day, after this second phase of trining wil get to know about the base branch. anyway not worried about the base branch as posting in Chennai is main thing, then only comes to having office near to home or far away and all. Then i thank my company for giving me an opportunity to work in my hometown itself :), its really a great feeling…

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